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Do you love hot water but hate the electricity cost of a traditional water heater? Then call Detweiler's Natural Gas Service, LC today and see if a tankless water heater is right for you. An Energy Star-qualified tankless heater can cost up to 60% less than a standard tank. Plus, because there's no water reserve you can cut your daily water use by 10-20%!


Tankless water heaters operate as on-demand systems; when you turn on a hot water tap, the unit begins the heating process and ends it as soon as the tap is shut off. Save energy and save money when you install a tankless water heater today.

Energy-Efficient Tankless Water Heaters

Does your family go through a lot of hot water every month? Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming more and more affordable, with some priced as low as $400 plus installation. A whole-house tankless water heater can replace your standard 40-gallon tank water heater while giving you access to nearly endless hot water.


Get more information on the benefits and advantages of tankless water heaters, check out an economic comparison, or see how they hold up to traditional electric water heater tanks.

Nearly limitless hot water

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